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“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."
President John F. Kennedy, 1961

You can make America a better place by getting involved in your community.   There are many different ways of serving your community and country—from volunteer work for handicapped people to enlisting as a citizen-soldier in a National Guard unit.

Public Service

As a naturalized US citizen you are now eligible for many federal government jobs ranging from airport security screener to United States Ambassador.   What better way to help America than by working directly for the US government?   Public service can be a rewarding career for citizens who want to make a difference in America.   Working for your state, county and local government can be equally rewarding and no less of a contribution to America.

Here is the U.S. government's jobs website that has listings for thousands of federal government jobs:


The two websites below are run by private companies that will help you find a job at any level of government (local, county, state, and federal)

Federal Jobs Digest     

Many states, counties and cities have job listings on their own websites, which are too numerous to list here.

And of course, no discussion of public service would be complete without mentioning the defenders of our great nation.

Military Career Guide Online         Army National Guard         Air National Guard

Army        Navy        Air Force        Marines        Coast Guard

Volunteer Work

If the civil service or the military is not for you, you can still make a difference and help America by volunteering.   As well as the federal volunteer organizations listed below, there are thousands of local and state volunteer organizations where good American citizens donate their time and energy towards a better America, and a better tomorrow for all of us.

Federal Volunteer Organizations

AmeriCorps        Peace Corps

citizen corps                   Senior Corps

FIRST GOV, Public Service and Volunteerism has a comprehensive listing of links to public service employment and federal volunteer organizations.

Local Community Volunteer Organizations and Programs

VolunteerMatch is an award-winning website for matching people with volunteer organizations.
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