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Why Buy US Savings Bonds?

As a new citizen, you can make a contribution to our great country by buying US savings bonds. Savings bonds are a great way for you to save your hard-earned money and a great way to invest in America.   Money from savings bonds goes directly into the federal government’s general fund which is used to pay for a whole host of government services from running our federal courts and prison system to funding for education and health care.

Some other advantages of buying savings bonds include:

Safety – issued in the holder’s name, only the holder can cash them

Secure – backed by the full faith and credit of the United States (the US government has never defaulted on a bond payment)

Liquid – bonds can be cashed at any Bank, Credit Union, and Savings and Loan

Tax deduction – the interest is exempt from state and local income taxes

Tax efficient – you accrue interest yearly but don’t pay taxes on the interest until you redeem the bonds

Save for College – the interest may be completely deductible if used to pay for college expenses

Competitive Interest rates – bond interest rates go up and down with market interest rates

With all these good reasons to own savings bonds, we have made buying them just a few clicks away:
Helping new and naturlized US Citizens become Americans

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