Naturalized CitizensAbout newcitizen.usNew US CitizensNew and Naturalized US CitizensContact newcitizen.usNew and Naturalized US Citizens is intended for newly naturalized and about-to-be-naturalized US citizens, as well as other fellow Americans.   If you have not applied for US citizenship yet, then you are going to need help.   Here are some websites we found that may help in your quest for US citizenship.   Good Luck.

Immigration Websites Related to US Naturalization

USCIS Link to Naturalization: Naturalization

Guide to Naturalization - An excellent handbook by the USCIS on the whole naturalization process, and it's free!

Washington LawHelp: see Immigration - Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Naturalization Packet

Become a U.S. Citizen

Immigration Attorneys

American Immigration Lawyers Association The Immigration Portal

Open Directory (Google) - Immigration Lawyers
Helping new and naturlized US Citizens become Americans

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